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Increase Return on Influencer Spend

Influencer campaigns that generate more purchases, clear conversion data and greater returns. 


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More purchases, better UX & campaign recall

Reels are gone after an impression. The Flyshot QR Code increases visibility of your sponsorship and keeps it accessible when intent spikes. 

Instead of alphanumeric codes in descriptions, influencers ask their audience to "screenshot their post and upload it at checkout."

Better UX

Evolve your redemption

No more typing, copying or pasting codes at checkout. Evolve redemption by integrating Flyshot's Upload Screenshot button. For e-commerce and apps. Developers find the integration a breeze. 

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social proof

Influence where it matters

Social proof at checkout

Showcase your best influencer content and let social proof boost conversion rates right at checkout using Flyshot's Highlight Reel. For apps, integrated right when users make in-app purchases. 

We polled social media users on redemption preference

Consumers screenshot codes anyway

74.8% of 1018 polled prefer uploading screenshots to redeem their influencers' codes. They also screenshot codes anyway — why not let the screenshot do all the work?

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Let us run your campaigns for you

An agency powered by a platform

Use our team to run end-to-end influencer campaigns, including search, negotiation, contracts, content review and more. We'll generate detailed performance analytics for you to assess, and that's it! 


Influencer content, fully leveraged

Turn your brand champions into conversion drivers today.