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Sustainable promotions

Prevent returns

Boost profit and cut waste. Allow promotion redemption only when targeted traffic uploads screenshots of your campaigns at checkout. 


Your returns problem solved

$190b worth of returns written off & disposed

Returns in 2021 generated 7 billion pounds of waste — which at this scale is ravaging the earth's resources and destroying margins. You can prevent this problem altogether.  

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Do all customers need discounts?

Promotions increase wasteful returns

Promotions given to traffic who would've paid full price fuels hasty behavior, which leads to —

  1. 🗑️ increased returns

  2. 👎 destroyed margins

  3. 🪧 cannabilized campaigns

  4. 🧏🏻 diluted promotion potency

  5. 📊 confused attribution

Instead of giving promotions to all traffic, leverage their power to convert those targeted by your marketing dollars. 

Promotions that prevent returns

Upload screenshots to redeem promotions

99% of consumers aren't ready to purchase upon impression. Particularly your mid-funnel.

Use screenshots to align promotional campaigns with purchase intent whenever it spikes after impression.

Guidelines for marketing, creative, and agency teams provided on platform. 


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Improve redemption

Allow screenshot upload at checkout

Replace or supplement your alphanumeric text input fields with Flyshot's Upload Screenshot button. Enjoy full customization, simple API/SDK integration, hands-on support and detailed documentation. 

Attribute returns to your promotions (coming soon)

More sales, less returns

Attribute conversions and product returns to your properties, promotions, channels, campaigns, creatives and influencers. 

Run promotions on virtually any medium using Flyshot's promotions platform. 

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Lead Magnet - 2 easy steps

Get 2 simple steps to prevent returns & increase sales

Implement for free. Instant results. 

Simple and actionable steps based on the behavior of today's e-commerce consumer.

How does -20% in returns feel like?

Make it a reality