Promo codes 2.0

Skyrocket conversions by aligning with intent


To redeem promotions, allow consumers to upload screenshots of your campaigns at checkout. 

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Built for apps and e-commerce 

Make your campaign accessible when intent gets ♨️


99% of consumers aren't ready to purchase at the time of impression. 

Screenshots prolong the life of your campaigns until your audience becomes serious about purchasing from you. 

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74.8% of 1018 polled prefer uploading screenshots over codes

Consumers screenshot codes anyway

We surveyed social media users on their redemption preference.

Apparently, screenshots make conversion flows A LOT smoother. 

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Flyshot QR & Screenshot CTA

Promote on any channel


Create custom promotion logic or turn your pre-existing codes into Flyshot QR Codes.

Add to any campaign creative with Screenshot CTAs. 

Watch the user flows:
iOS/Android apps - Subscriptions:  Ads  🔗   Influencers 🔗
iOS/Android apps - Games / In-app purchases:  Ads  🔗   Influencers 🔗
iOS/Android apps - Checkouts:  Ads  🔗   Influencers 🔗
Mobile web/e-commerce - Checkouts - Coming soon

Make redemption smoother

No more typing, copying or pasting alphanumeric codes. Evolve redemption by integrating Flyshot's Upload Screenshot button at checkout or on your paywall screen. Developers find the integration a breeze. 

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Get powerful attribution 

Run promotional ads and influencer campaigns on any channel. Want emails to be screenshottable?

You got it. Either way, you'll have clear and consistent attribution guiding your decisions.

P.S. Flyshot has end-to-end influencer campaign management functionality. 


Promo codes 2.0 Screenshots  

More conversions, greater ROAS... powerful promotions.