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Sustainable promotions

Prevent returns

Boost profit and cut waste. Allow redemption when consumers upload screenshots of your campaigns at checkout. 

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Promotions backfire as returns

Planned purchases increase your profits

It's painful to deal with returns after purchases occur. Prevent returns by acquiring high-intent purchases. 

Flyshot QR + Screenshot CTA

Promotions for profitable sustainability


Flyshot QR: Generate on platform. Add to campaign creative. 

Screenshot CTA: Powers Flyshot QR. Add to campaign text. Guide provided. 

E.g. "Get 50% off. Screenshot this ad and upload at checkout. Valid till 12/12."


Run promotions on 80+ ad channels, email, banners and with influencers.

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Every customer needs a discount?

Open promotions shoot down your margins

Target promotions — Convert impressions you've already primed with campaign spend. Save margins by stopping open strikethrough pricing and keep profits on organic purchases. 

Optimize for profit — Open promotions cannibalize your campaigns, dilute promotion potency and confuse attribution. Evolve open promotions and text-based codes with Flyshot.  

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Abandoned carts?

Allow screenshot upload at checkout

Replace or supplement your text-input field with Flyshot's customizable Upload Screenshot button. Enjoy hands-on support, simple API/SDK integration and detailed documentation. 

Promotions platform for modern marketers

See lowered return rates

Attribute product returns and sales to your properties, promotions, campaigns, channels, creatives and influencers. 

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Get a full refund if you don't —

Reduce returns by 5% over 3 campaigns